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What Are The Dyslexia Aids? a�� A Brief Note

Difficulty in reading, writing, understanding and speaking is called learning disability and it can mar daily life if the symptoms are severe. To overcome these situations Dyslexia Aids come handy. A few changes introduced in regular learning technique can be very useful and help dyslexic kids or adults overcome this shortcoming.

Dyslexia Aids:
The following tips can help a child learn better and overcome any depression caused by this learning disorder. It is believed that the earlier the symptoms of this condition are diagnosed the better it is for any dyslexic patient.

  • If the child is diagnosed with this learning disability then ask for special help from the school. There are many teachers available who specialize in teaching dyslexic children. If the school fails to provide one, hire a private tutor.
  • These kids find it hard to copy text from the board. In that case, printed text should be made available.
  • Reading too is difficult for them and recorded tapes should be provided.
  • The writing of these kids is full of mistakes and errors, hence they should be provided with a keyboard. They write better using a keyboard. The auto-correct option will help them learn better.
  • Patience should be the key to deal with these students. Each student is different and takes different time periods to learn things.
  • Do not compare the kid with other kids and demoralize or de-motivate him.
  • Do not deem the child stupid or lazy for not doing the home work or for not performing like other students.
  • Everyday at home set some time to revise the lessons. This will motivate and also improve the childa��s performance.
  • Introduce them to better time management, organizing and scheduling schemes. This will also help them slot their time and energy better.
  • For home work or assignments give these children extra time.
  • Always encourage them to take up new interests and do not focus only on the academics.
  • These kids have average to above average intelligence which can be used in many other fields of their interest.
  • Use innovative games to teach the children learn better.

Do not believe that the child has a disease. It is a disability which can be corrected with the help of family, friends, teachers, and a healthy environment. Dyslexia aids should be provided along with love, patience, and support to correct the problem.

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