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What Is Number Dyslexia? a�� Overview

Children, youngsters, and even adults who have a disability with numbers, understanding them and a trouble with simple calculations is called Dyscalculia. In simple words this condition is called Number Dyslexia and it is believed that this affects at least 1 kid in 20. Even if the child or the individual knows how to calculate numbers or the procedure to correct answer, they usually are not confident. Let us learn more about it.

Number Dyslexia:
This condition affects the ability of a person to learn and deal with numbers. Simple arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication are adversely affected. The person would rely heavily on the memory to reach the answer. This is achieved by rote learning and not because he or she knows how to do it.

A genetic condition, dyscalculia affects understanding numbers, their procedures, identifying and manipulating with numbers. If the problem with numbers is caused due to some brain injury then it is called Acalculia.

This condition of numbers disability affects daily life and the sufferers have trouble with money dealings. Without much knowledge about it we generally deem these people as stupid. But, the fact is that like color blindness this condition too hinders only of the abilities. This also does not mean that the person has low IQ, on the contrary many have been found to be with higher IQ levels.

Symptoms Of Number Blindness:
Following are some of the signs of the condition that hinders a persona��s ability to do simple mathematical calculations.

  • These individuals have problem understanding the everyday arithmetic symbols like +,-,*, etc.
  • Counting coins is difficult for them.
  • Telling time is also problematic.
  • Managing money, bank accounts, financial planning etc is troublesome.
  • Keeping a track of numbers, scores of a game too trouble them.
  • Mathematical concepts, steps, formulas are difficult to remember.
  • Calculating distance, speed, or time is also very difficult for them.
  • They do not remember the right sequence of numbers and usually end up writing or remembering them incorrectly. For example the number 123 could be remembered as 213, 321, or 312 etc.
  • These individuals also have problem remembering names.
  • They also have problem with recollecting and recognizing faces and usually call a person with a name that starts with the same letter but wrong name.

This is the easy definition of the condition number dyslexia and the symptoms of it. These individuals though are not good with numbers they are excellent in other fields of life.

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