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What Is Reading Disorder? a�� A Summary

Yesterday night I was re-reading a�?Pride And Prejudicea�� by Jane Austen for the ninth time and my mind suddenly went blank. I could not read any word. The blankness lasted only for a few seconds but the panic it aroused in me was terrible. I felt so helpless. Some research led me to Reading Disorder, and intrigued, I learnt more about it. It is a language disability that hinders, reduces, and fails to recognize words. Reading disorder is caused when some parts of brain fail to process, interpret, and identify certain written words and symbols.

The inability to read is also called as dyslexia and developmental reading disorder (DRD). It affects the area of the brain that controls, manages, and interprets language. Though, the problem is associated with the inability to read, it does not have an affect on the intelligence, thinking, reasoning, and understanding simple and complex ideas.

Dyslexia also affects a persona��s ability to write letters and numbers, and they have a problem with spoken words and sounding each letter differently.

Symptoms Of Developmental Reading Disorder:

  • People with dyslexia have trouble with the pronouncing of different sounds of letters.
  • Their reading is slow and choppy.
  • They may be able to read a word once, but may not be able to recognize it the second time.
  • The classic sign of reading disorder is that they read and write a�?ba�� as a�?da��, or would say a�?wasa�� instead of a�?sawa�� etc.
  • They omit letters while writing.
  • They ignore words while reading.
  • They have trouble following directions and confuse left with right.
  • They find it hard to follow a set of instructions to finish a job.
  • They are artistically very skilled and show interest in various artistic fields like music, drawing, etc.
  • Determining the meaning of even simple words is problematic for them.
  • Low self-esteem is often seen in children and individuals with this problem.

With extra efforts from parents and teachers, children can overcome the reading disorder problem and can gain confidence. Private tutorials, extra classes, and interesting ways to make reading an enjoyable activity fails to motivate the child, then a speech and language therapist can certainly prove beneficial.

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