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What Is The Cause Of Stuttering And Its Symptoms? a�� Summary

It can be really embarrassing if someonea��s speech is not fluent and is full of pauses. To top that if that person stammers, it could be really frustrating for him or her. I have seen many such people who suffer with this problem and ask what is the Cause Of Stuttering? Genetics, stress, emotional trauma, or any speech related condition could be the reason for this condition.

What Is Stammering?
Stammering is a disorder of speech which is characterized by repeating letters or words, prolonging the words, and pausing abruptly when speaking in a flow. It interferes with the free flow of speech and can be embarrassing for the speaker. Also called as disfluency, this condition also witnesses other behavioral patterns like using a�?umma��a��, a�?ahhha��a�� kind of fillers, blinking the eyelids constantly, and shivering lips etc.

Cause Of Stuttering:
There are many reasons for this disorder of speech but genetics plays a major role. Let us learn more about the different reasons in brief.

  • 60% of the cases with disfluency have been found in studies that it is a hereditary problem and genetics plays an important role in determining this disorder.
  • In some cases neurogenic make up determines the disorder. The brain and the nerves are not adequately coordinated with the speech components and results in the disrupted flow.
  • Stress factor and other psychological factors also play some role but are not entirely the only reason.
  • Delayed speech, late talking, aphasia, apraxia, and other speech and language problems are also some of the determining factors for the problem.
  • Studies have shown that there are certain differences between the nervous system of people suffering from disfluency and people who do not stammer.
  • High expectations from life, friends, family, society, and peer group can also unduly stress a person and cause the problem.


  • Repetition stammering is one of the vital signs of the problem. The stutterer repeats the word or a syllable of it and only then can he or she clearly say it. For example, he would say a�?ha��ha��ha��hia��
  • Prolonged disfluency has a person prolong the sound of a syllable or a word until he finishes the word. For instance, he or she would say a�?hhhhhow are you?a��
  • Interjections or fillers are used to complete a sentence. A good example of this is, a�?hia��umma��how are you?…ahhha��please come ina��ahh..a��

The cause of stuttering and the symptoms of the disorder can be easily determined by an expert or a speech and language therapist who would then design a suitable program and correct the speech problem.

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