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Aspergers In Girls a�� Overview

Aspergers In Girls No one could ever guess that Ginnie, the calm, little, shy, but smart girl, who was always reserved could be suffering from one of the autism spectrum disorders. We all were absolutely shocked to know about it. Aspergers In Girls, it seems is usually unnoticed because of their natural subtle behavior. The previous assumption was that boys are more affected by it than girls. The ratio of boys and girls was assumed to be 10:1 but the revised submission shows that it could be actually as low as 4:1. Let us learn more about it.

Why Aspergers In Girls Is Less?
The fact is that this disorder may not be as rare as it was previously assumed; the reason could be widely attributed to the fact that girls by nature are more expressive and boys are not. Girls can express themselves better even when they are troubled by the ASD.

Experts or psychologists tend to focus more on boys because of their aggressive nature; whereas girls are usually more subtle in their demands and aggression comparatively. Also, girls do not show out their negative emotions, or hardly act negatively when they are upset, depressed, overwhelmed, angry, moody, or confused.

Even today, social stigma too is one of the factors that parents are worried about. They would think twice before taking a girl child to a psychologist.
Aspergers In Girls
Support from friends is more easily accessible and comforting in case of girls than in boys. The nurturing behavior of the other girls in the group provides immediate support when ever the sufferer of this disorder is low or sad. This helps the girl immensely in dealing with the difficulties. On the contrary, a boy might be teased and made fun of and further pushed to a life of lonliness.

The common factor between both the girls and the boys is their urge to know all the details of the subject of their interest.

Young girls usually make imaginary friends and do not grow out of it even as a teenager. This is a very prominent symptom of this condition.

Girls with this disorder tend to pick up the mannerisms and body language of others who are stronger and are vastly skilled. This is sometimes misdiagnosed as some personality disorder.

If left undiagnosed, girls with this disorder can suffer from low self esteem.

Boys tend to express their frustration and anger externally by screaming, cursing, or by getting aggressive and as a society we accept such behavior. On the other hand girls withdraw from the world and internalize their troubles and anger and suffer in silence and try and cover it up nicely and pretend everything to be normal.

Aspergers In Girls

A general belief is that if a child has average intelligence quotient of 100 then he or she does not have aspergera��s syndrome. But, there are many cases where a girl has average or more than average intelligence but may suffer from the condition. In such cases it is the diagnostic tests that fail the girl.

Irrespective of however good a girl pretends and covers her troubles, as a society and well wishers it is our responsibility to diagnose the disorder and help the child achieve much more than she is doing. Whatever the ratio difference between Aspesrgers in girls or boys is, we should be more alert to notice any of the symptoms and provide treatment for a healthy future.

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