Speech Therapy Ideas

Here are some speech therapy ideas that will help to improve onea��s speech and language.

Speech Therapy Ideas for Kids

Speech therapy ideas for preschoolers and toddlers become essential when certain speech disorders affect the child like a�� inability to understand the words being spoken, no attempts to speak, stuttering while speaking and using shortened words or few words. Along with these disabilities, there might be other problems like hearing disorder, cleft palate, weak oral muscles and many more. Some of the methods used for children in speech therapy include:

  • Singing popular rhymes and songs along with them
  • Improve their speech and talking through plays and books
  • Constant repetition of learned sounds and words

Speech Therapy Ideas for Adults

In some cases, any traumatic incident can damage the speech functions and nerves which control speech in adults. Speech therapy ideas become necessary in these cases. These ideas include specialized exercises that will strengthen the affected muscles and therefore improve vocabulary. Those methods include:

  • Role playing
  • Story telling
  • Discussion on topics
  • Impromptu speech giving
  • Describing a favorite character
  • Reading out aloud

These are a few methods that can be effective in improving speech problems. As the ability at speech improves, the therapist may include more tougher and intense exercises.