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Aphasia Treatment a�� Help At Home

It is a speech and language disorder that affects a persona��s ability to communicate ideas, thoughts, and emotions. The effect of this disorder can be […]

Expressive Language Disorders a�� Overview

It was very frustrating to see this little kid in my class making the same mistakes over and over again while writing, or failing in […]

What Is Word Blindness a�� Causes, Symptoms, And Types

It is a neurological condition that is not developmental but acquired and it affects adversely a persona��s ability to read and understand. Word Blindness can […]

What Is Text Blindness a�� Causes, Symptoms, And Types

Aphasia is the reduction in the ability to read, write, speak, and understand language caused by damage to certain parts of the brain. This is […]

What Is Wernickes Aphasia a�� Causes, Symptoms, And Types

A young teenager who would grow to be a handsome man was sitting next to me. He was whispering something to his mom and she […]

What Is Brocas Aphasia? a�� Causes And Symptoms

I was invited for dinner last Sunday to one of my colleaguea��s house. I was hugely impressed by the taste with which the house was […]

Non-fluent Aphasia a�� What Is It? Its Causes, Symptoms And Types

It is an impairment; reduction of language ability which can be caused due to an injury to the head, breakage or rupture of blood vessels […]

What Is Sensory Aphasia? a�� Causes And Symptoms

It is a type of aphasia where damage or an injury caused to the brain results in the inability to express oneself clearly. Sensory Aphasia […]

What Is Fluent Aphasia? – Causes And Symptoms

Receptive Aphasia is an impairment of language, an inability to express oneself clearly and accurately, and difficulty in reading, writing, and understanding spoken or written […]

Treatment For Aphasia – Different Types And What To Expect

Aphasia is a neurological disorder that affects the language, expression, and causes difficulty in understanding reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Treatment For Aphasia includes programs […]

What Is Primary Progressive Aphasia?

Patients who have difficulty in understanding spoken and written language, naming objects, and pausing to search for words are some of the symptoms of Primary […]

What Is Receptive Aphasia?

Difficulty in understanding written and spoken language, trouble in writing and reading, and the inability to express the emotions accurately are some of the symptoms […]

Effects Of Brain Injury And Speech Disruption

Brain damage can adversely affect the speaking, reading, and writing ability in individuals who suffer from head injury, stroke, or any other degeneration or destruction […]

Impairment of Speech

Impairment of speech can be either one of the several speech problems, especially the following: dysarthria, aphasia, voice disturbances and dysphonia. Read onto discover more […]

Speech Therapy Exercise for Aphasia

To begin with the speech therapy exercise for aphasia patients, the main cause of the condition has to be stabilized or treated. After the condition […]