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Adult Dyspraxia a�� An Overview

Clumsiness, lack of coordination, unsatisfactory cognitive abilities, and sudden and irrational emotional and behavioral outbursts are some of the symptoms Adult Dyspraxia. Grown up people […]

Ideational Apraxia a�� What Is It? Its Causes And Symptoms

There are moments in life when we temporarily or even momentarily forget how to use a certain thing or object. It is frightening to experience […]

Dyspraxia Treatment – Important Tips

Developmental co-ordination disorder is caused by the weak and underperforming and underdeveloped cells called neurons which affects motor skills and results in disorganized movements. Dyspraxia […]

What Are The Dyspraxia Symptoms In Children?

Dyspraxia is impairment, weakness, and diminishing ability to coordinate and organize a single or sequence of movements to achieve a target. Dyspraxia Symptoms In Children […]

Dyspraxia In Adults a�� Causes And Symptoms

It is not a regular sight to see a man in his forties finding it difficult to use cutlery properly while eating. I came across […]

What Is Dyspraxia? Its Causes And Symptoms

In a class of 30 students we find at least one student with difficulties in learning, speaking, writing, and performing other simple or complex motor […]

What Is Constructional Apraxia? a�� Its Causes And Symptoms

When working with a local NGO that was focusing on teaching street children I came across several kids who were unable to carry out simple […]

What Is Verbal Apraxia? Ita��s Causes And Symptoms

Some children and adults find it difficult to speak clearly even though they put all the efforts to sound correctly and use the right syllables. […]

What Is Apraxia? a�� Symptoms, Causes, And Different Types

I remember, many years ago I met this beautiful little girl who was such an enthusiast when she visited my cartoon exhibition. She wanted to […]

Symptoms of Apraxia of Speech in Children

Apraxia of speech in children is a motor speech disorder. These children have difficulties with saying words and syllables. This condition does not occur because […]

Apraxia of Speech in Children

Apraxia of speech in children is a motor speech disorder. For unknown reasons, children who have apraxia of speech face difficulty forming and producing the […]

Dyspraxia in Children-Choosing a Speech Language Pathologist

Choosing the right speech language pathologist for treating dyspraxia in children is very important. Based on the speech therapy activities and communication programs designed by […]

Dyspraxia in Children-How to Interact?

Childhood apraxia of speech or developmental dyspraxia in children can lead to a lack of control on the speech organs. An improper coordination of the […]

The Criteria for Apraxia of Speech

Children who suffer from neurological disorders have to meet certain prescribed criteria to be categorized as suffering a certain autism spectrum disorder. One such disorder […]