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What is Number Blindness? - A Brief Note! What Is Number Blindness? a�� A Brief Note

Number Blindness is a disability that affects the understanding, use, and application of numbers while doing basic and simple arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This disability interferes with a persona��s ability to do simple arithmetic calculations.

What is Speech Dis-fluency? What Is Speech Dis-fluency? – An Overview

It is a speech disorder and in regular life it is also called as stammering or stuttering. This disorder is characterized either by abrupt interruptions during the smooth flow of speech, unexpected pauses, prolonged or repetition of words. This condition is accompanied by other behavioral problems like continuous eyelids blinking, shivering lips, and over use of fillers in sentences like a�?umma��a�� a�?ahha��a�� etc.

Dyslexia Support - Tips to Help! Dyslexia Support – Tips To Help

For a brief while I worked as a teacher in a school and was particularly intrigued by the behavior of Jane. She was a good student but her efforts were not yielding adequate results. I talked about her to our school counselor. Jane was diagnosed and was suggested to give Dyslexia Support. Her parents, teachers, and friends were briefed about it too, and with all the help, Jane overcame her learning disorder that affected her reading, writing, speaking, and learning abilities.

child speech delay Child Speech Delay a�� What Are The Milestones To Measure It?

a�?One to walk, two to talka�� we all parroted it repeatedly to look out for any signs of late talking when my sister-in-law gave birth […]

what is writing disorder What Is Writing Disorder? a�� An Overview

My younger brother has always had trouble writing. He never liked writing and even today he prefers to use a keyboard or asks his manager […]

what is vocal disorder What Is Vocal Disorder? a�� An Overview

Over the years our voice changes, matures and then ages, but if we overuse it, or mistreat the vocal chords even if unintentionally by screaming […]

adults with autism - living arrangements Adults With Autism a�� Living Arrangements

The first time I visited my frienda��s home, I felt something odd. Her eldest brother was still living with their parents and was working as […]

aspergers in girls - overview Aspergers In Girls a�� Overview

No one could ever guess that Ginnie, the calm, little, shy, but smart girl, who was always reserved could be suffering from one of the […]

what is spastic dysphonia What Is Spastic Dysphonia? – Overview

My dada��s friend of over 40 years came to our house like any other day at tea time and we all were enjoying a good […]

Stuttering What Is Lisp? a�� A Brief Introduction

Children who babble, say unclear things, use sign languages, and try to communicate are all so pleasant to look at, but not in every case. […]

Pronounce assertively What Is The Cause Of Stuttering And Its Symptoms? a�� Summary

It can be really embarrassing if someonea��s speech is not fluent and is full of pauses. To top that if that person stammers, it could […]

what is reading disorder What Is Reading Disorder? a�� A Summary

Yesterday night I was re-reading a�?Pride And Prejudicea�� by Jane Austen for the ninth time and my mind suddenly went blank. I could not read […]

autism advice for teachers Autism Advice For Teachers, Parents, And Caregivers

Families are always worried and stressed about their childrena��s well being, but special cases like developmental disorders, aspegera��s syndrome, etc, need special attention. Autism Advice […]

information on dyslexia Information On Dyslexia a�� Overview

A hereditary condition, this developmental reading disorder affects an individuala��s ability to read, understand, and interpret letters, numbers, words, phrases, and language. Information On Dyslexia […]

What Are The Dysgraphia Symptoms? a�� Overview

Writing disorder is the disability of a child or an individual who experiences difficulty while writing anything on paper. The writing is full of errors […]