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Dysgraphia Treatment a�� Some Tips

It is a neurological condition that affects a persona��s ability to write eligibly. An individual with this disorder finds it very difficult to write in […]

What Are The Dyscalculia Symptoms?a�� A Brief Note And Tips For Parents

A difficulty to understand the use and application of numbers is called numlexia or number blindness. It is important to know the Dyscalculia Symptoms and […]

What Is Number Dyslexia? a�� Overview

Children, youngsters, and even adults who have a disability with numbers, understanding them and a trouble with simple calculations is called Dyscalculia. In simple words […]

What Is Dyslexia In Adults? a�� Overview And Its Symptoms

The hardship that children face while learning how to read, write, spell, and understand are mild to severely affected and is called learning disability. Dyslexia […]

What Are The Dyslexia Aids? a�� A Brief Note

Difficulty in reading, writing, understanding and speaking is called learning disability and it can mar daily life if the symptoms are severe. To overcome these […]

What Are The Different Forms Of Dyslexia? a�� A Brief Study

A child or an individual who has trouble reading, writing, spelling, understanding, and sometimes speaking properly, then it is a learning disability called Dyslexia. There […]

What Is Mild Dyslexia? a�� An Overview

When searching for different learning disabilities I came across an interesting term that intrigued me and I ended up looking for it further. The term […]

What Are The Dyslexia Symptoms In Children? a�� A Brief Note

Heredity, adverse hormonal changes, traumatic brain injury, or hearing impairment are some of the reasons for Dyslexia Symptoms In Children. This is a learning disorder […]

Dysphonia Treatment a�� Different Options

I was absolutely shocked to learn that we can be perfectly normal health wise and yet our voice can go choppy, breathy, or can sound […]

What Is Dysphonia Therapy? a�� An Overview

A good looking, charming, and dashing guy, comes up to me and starts this interesting conversation while we both were waiting for our respective partners […]

What Are Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms? a�� A Brief Note

We all complain against routine things, against everything that is normal, and regular. What if our body, or brain, or nature is not normal, or […]

What Are The Different Childhood Developmental Disorders?

Delay in lifea��s basic skills like using imagination, socialization, and communication with others occur mostly around the age of 3 and hence are called Childhood […]

What Are The PDD Symptoms?

Pervasive Developmental Disorders is a group of disorders that are mainly characterized by delays in the normal development of skills like communication, social, language etc. […]

Retta�?s Syndrome And Genes Disorder

a�?a��It is all in the genesa�? my friend would always say it. This was the only excuse she would come up with every time I […]

Rett Disorder Symptoms And Its Stages

My daughter is the second baby girl after me, in my whole family. She is the apple of everyone’s eye and we are very obsessed […]