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What Are The Dysgraphia Symptoms? a�� Overview

Writing disorder is the disability of a child or an individual who experiences difficulty while writing anything on paper. The writing is full of errors […]

Dysgraphia Treatment a�� Some Tips

It is a neurological condition that affects a persona��s ability to write eligibly. An individual with this disorder finds it very difficult to write in […]

Help Tips For Receptive Disorder

It is indeed very frustrating for anyone not to understand the spoken or written words and failing to interpret and judge instructions or long and […]

What Are Receptive Language Disorders? a�� Summary

I always have had a problem with my speech. I cannot formulate words immediately and reply to any query or comment instantly. Not until my […]

Expressive Language Disorders a�� Overview

It was very frustrating to see this little kid in my class making the same mistakes over and over again while writing, or failing in […]

What Are The Different Speech And Language Difficulties? A Summary

Inability to produce correct sounds, stammering, abrupt pauses when talking, and harsh voice are only some of the many types of Speech And Language Difficulties […]

Different Speech Language Impairments In Adults

Toddlers and young school going children generally make mistakes while speaking because they are in the learning phase, but when the same mistakes are made […]

What Are The Different Speech And Language Impairments? a�� An Overview

Going back to school with all the friends after almost two decades was one experience that I can hardly put in words, but surprisingly the […]

What is Aboulia? a�� Causes And Symptoms

An active boy in his teens, my old schoolmate came across as a very lethargic person when I met him a few days ago. Later […]

What Is Abulia? a�� Causes And Symptoms

My frienda��s father met with a serious accident and was badly injured. It took many days for him to recover, but, then this active man […]

Different Speech Problems In Children And Adults

It is always cute and endearing to see toddlers and young kids trying to speak clearly and fluently but they lisp, or stammer, or stutter, […]

Tips On Speech And Language Therapy For Children

Toddlers look so cute when they babble and try their best to communicate with us in different ways, but after a certain age if it […]

Preschool Speech Therapy a�� Activities And Other Important Tips

First day of the preschool is a moment of utter joy, anxiety, importance, and a tiny step towards a better and a shining future. Preschool […]

Speech Activities For Children a�� Some Important Tips

Many kids suffer from speech and language problems and find it difficult to pronounce, spell, or sound certain words, syllables, and alphabets. Speech Activities For […]

What Is Verbal Apraxia? Ita��s Causes And Symptoms

Some children and adults find it difficult to speak clearly even though they put all the efforts to sound correctly and use the right syllables. […]