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what is writing disorder What Is Writing Disorder? – An Overview

My younger brother has always had trouble writing. He never liked writing and even today he prefers to use a keyboard or asks his manager […]

what is vocal disorder What Is Vocal Disorder? – An Overview

Over the years our voice changes, matures and then ages, but if we overuse it, or mistreat the vocal chords even if unintentionally by screaming […]

what is spastic dysphonia What Is Spastic Dysphonia? – Overview

My dad’s friend of over 40 years came to our house like any other day at tea time and we all were enjoying a good […]

Stuttering What Is Lisp? – A Brief Introduction

Children who babble, say unclear things, use sign languages, and try to communicate are all so pleasant to look at, but not in every case. […]

What Are The Dysgraphia Symptoms? – Overview

Writing disorder is the disability of a child or an individual who experiences difficulty while writing anything on paper. The writing is full of errors […]

Dysgraphia Treatment – Some Tips

It is a neurological condition that affects a person’s ability to write eligibly. An individual with this disorder finds it very difficult to write in […]

What Are The Dyscalculia Symptoms?– A Brief Note And Tips For Parents

A difficulty to understand the use and application of numbers is called numlexia or number blindness. It is important to know the Dyscalculia Symptoms and […]

Dysphonia Treatment – Different Options

I was absolutely shocked to learn that we can be perfectly normal health wise and yet our voice can go choppy, breathy, or can sound […]

What Is Dysphonia Therapy? – An Overview

A good looking, charming, and dashing guy, comes up to me and starts this interesting conversation while we both were waiting for our respective partners […]

What Is Dysgraphia? – Causes, Symptoms, And Help

I have always been good with spellings, oral tests, and writing fast, but my mathematics was always the weak point. On the other hand my […]

What Are The Different Speech And Language Difficulties? A Summary

Inability to produce correct sounds, stammering, abrupt pauses when talking, and harsh voice are only some of the many types of Speech And Language Difficulties […]

What Is Word Blindness – Causes, Symptoms, And Types

It is a neurological condition that is not developmental but acquired and it affects adversely a person’s ability to read and understand. Word Blindness can […]

What Is Text Blindness – Causes, Symptoms, And Types

Aphasia is the reduction in the ability to read, write, speak, and understand language caused by damage to certain parts of the brain. This is […]

What Is Wernickes Aphasia – Causes, Symptoms, And Types

A young teenager who would grow to be a handsome man was sitting next to me. He was whispering something to his mom and she […]

What Is Brocas Aphasia? – Causes And Symptoms

I was invited for dinner last Sunday to one of my colleague’s house. I was hugely impressed by the taste with which the house was […]