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What is Number Blindness? - A Brief Note! What Is Number Blindness? a�� A Brief Note

Number Blindness is a disability that affects the understanding, use, and application of numbers while doing basic and simple arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This disability interferes with a persona��s ability to do simple arithmetic calculations.

Dyslexia Support - Tips to Help! Dyslexia Support – Tips To Help

For a brief while I worked as a teacher in a school and was particularly intrigued by the behavior of Jane. She was a good student but her efforts were not yielding adequate results. I talked about her to our school counselor. Jane was diagnosed and was suggested to give Dyslexia Support. Her parents, teachers, and friends were briefed about it too, and with all the help, Jane overcame her learning disorder that affected her reading, writing, speaking, and learning abilities.

what is writing disorder What Is Writing Disorder? a�� An Overview

My younger brother has always had trouble writing. He never liked writing and even today he prefers to use a keyboard or asks his manager […]

what is reading disorder What Is Reading Disorder? a�� A Summary

Yesterday night I was re-reading a�?Pride And Prejudicea�� by Jane Austen for the ninth time and my mind suddenly went blank. I could not read […]

information on dyslexia Information On Dyslexia a�� Overview

A hereditary condition, this developmental reading disorder affects an individuala��s ability to read, understand, and interpret letters, numbers, words, phrases, and language. Information On Dyslexia […]

What Are The Dyscalculia Symptoms?a�� A Brief Note And Tips For Parents

A difficulty to understand the use and application of numbers is called numlexia or number blindness. It is important to know the Dyscalculia Symptoms and […]

What Is Number Dyslexia? a�� Overview

Children, youngsters, and even adults who have a disability with numbers, understanding them and a trouble with simple calculations is called Dyscalculia. In simple words […]

What Is Dyslexia In Adults? a�� Overview And Its Symptoms

The hardship that children face while learning how to read, write, spell, and understand are mild to severely affected and is called learning disability. Dyslexia […]

What Are The Dyslexia Aids? a�� A Brief Note

Difficulty in reading, writing, understanding and speaking is called learning disability and it can mar daily life if the symptoms are severe. To overcome these […]

What Are The Different Forms Of Dyslexia? a�� A Brief Study

A child or an individual who has trouble reading, writing, spelling, understanding, and sometimes speaking properly, then it is a learning disability called Dyslexia. There […]

What Is Mild Dyslexia? a�� An Overview

When searching for different learning disabilities I came across an interesting term that intrigued me and I ended up looking for it further. The term […]

What Are The Dyslexia Symptoms In Children? a�� A Brief Note

Heredity, adverse hormonal changes, traumatic brain injury, or hearing impairment are some of the reasons for Dyslexia Symptoms In Children. This is a learning disorder […]

What Is Dysgraphia? a�� Causes, Symptoms, And Help

I have always been good with spellings, oral tests, and writing fast, but my mathematics was always the weak point. On the other hand my […]

Tips On Teaching Dyslexic Children

Writing numbers and letters in reverse order is one of the main indicators of the dyslexia and teaching dyslexic children needs a lot of patience, […]

Help For Dyslexia In Children

Many children have problem reading, writing, and spelling words. They are also troubled when they have to remember and arrange things, toys, beads, letters, numbers, […]