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child speech delay Child Speech Delay a�� What Are The Milestones To Measure It?

a�?One to walk, two to talka�� we all parroted it repeatedly to look out for any signs of late talking when my sister-in-law gave birth […]

What Is Receptive Language Delay? a�� Its Symptoms And Tips

a�?One to talk, two to walka�� my dad always reminded me right from the day he knew I was pregnant. My dad has seen many […]

Early Signs of Speech Delays

When a newborn baby manages to sleep peacefully through the night, the next major thing parents await anxiously for is the utterance of their childa��s […]

Reasons Behind Speech Delays

Most parents eagerly wait for their children’s first words. Hence, it can be worrisome and disappointing if they are slow and don’t utter those precious […]

Speech Development in Toddlers

By the end of your baby’s first year, he or she will reward you with his or her first word. Speech development in toddlers is […]

Language Delays a�� An Overview

Parents whose children suffer from delayed speech are concerned about their late talking. One starts to worry when their childa��s speech and language development fails […]

About Delayed Speech

Almost 5 to10% of children suffers from some type of developmental disability which causes a delayed language and speech development in them. It is imperative […]

Speech Delay in Children

Nearly 5-10 % of children are afflicted with a developmental disability which causes a delay in their language and speech development. One should be aware […]

Causes of Speech Delay in Children

Your son is just two years old and he is not talking. He tries to say a few words, although compared to other children his […]

Surgical Options for a Tongue Tie

A shortened frenum or a tongue tie can lead to speech problems in children. So, if a tongue tie is diagnosed, a speech pathologist would […]

Dealing With Speech Defects in Children With A Tongue Tie

A tongue tie is a shortened lingual frenum or lingual frenulum. The lingual frenum is the cord that can be observed underneath the tongue. This […]

Speech and Language Delays in Adopted Children

Children who are adopted can sometimes suffer from speech and language delays. It is natural that children learn to speak as they grow. The role […]

Autism Spectrum Disorders-Through the Words of Famous Autistic People

Tito Rajashri Mukhopadhyay and Temple Grandin are two very successful individuals despite suffering from autism spectrum disorders. These two autistic yet successful individuals have made […]

High Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome

According to one of the papers published in the Autism Today journal, high functioning asperger’s syndrome is often neglected on the psychological, medical and psychiatric […]

Speech and Language Delay in Siblings

According to a new study, conducted by the researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine, speech and language delay in children with Autism Spectrum […]