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Autistic Traits and Signatures Revealed by Brain Scans

To date, there has been no proper evidence to what is the cause of autism. Until now, there has been no conclusive evidence that autistic […]

A New Research Reveals the Connection Between MECP2 and Rett Syndrome

The new research at the Huda Zoghbi laboratory, Houston, Texas has thrown light on the connection between the gene MECP2 and the neuropsychiatric disorders like […]

A New Autistic Neuron Model for Diagnosing Autism

Researchers at the University of California have now come up with a new neuron model for diagnosing autism. Using the stem cells of Rett syndrome […]

Diagnosing Autism in 15 Minutes

Most people who suffer from autism spectrum disorders often do not receive the appropriate treatment due to the lack of efficient diagnosis. Diagnosing autism related […]

Helping Children with Autism Using an iPad

The use of an iPad for communicating with autistic children is slowly on the rise. Helping children with autism communicate through an electronic visual device […]

Genetics of Autism

Researchers across the world are trying to understand the genetics of autism in order to provide effective measures of treatment. No break through regarding genetic […]

Autism in Toddlers can be Identified by Eye-Tracking

Any developmental issues in early childhood actually resolve on their own. But, autism in toddlers, if not identified at an early stage can cause problems […]

Autism Support Groups and Puzzlebuilder

Almost one child out of a 110 and one boy out of a seventy are affected in the United States by autism spectrum disorders. The […]

Getting into Speech Therapy Schools

The field of speech language pathology is beginning to gain popularity among people and more and more are opting for this field as a career. […]

Can Fluorescent Flicker Bother People Suffering From Autism?

People suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can be very sensitive to a few issues. The issues can be anything like color, lights, new places […]

Autism Awareness Bracelet

Any kind of awareness program needs a symbol to reckon with. Symbols help in connecting well with people and are easy to remember. For instance, […]