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adults with autism - living arrangements Adults With Autism a�� Living Arrangements

The first time I visited my frienda��s home, I felt something odd. Her eldest brother was still living with their parents and was working as […]

aspergers in girls - overview Aspergers In Girls a�� Overview

No one could ever guess that Ginnie, the calm, little, shy, but smart girl, who was always reserved could be suffering from one of the […]

autism advice for teachers Autism Advice For Teachers, Parents, And Caregivers

Families are always worried and stressed about their childrena��s well being, but special cases like developmental disorders, aspegera��s syndrome, etc, need special attention. Autism Advice […]

What Are Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms? a�� A Brief Note

We all complain against routine things, against everything that is normal, and regular. What if our body, or brain, or nature is not normal, or […]

What Are The Different Childhood Developmental Disorders?

Delay in lifea��s basic skills like using imagination, socialization, and communication with others occur mostly around the age of 3 and hence are called Childhood […]

What Are The PDD Symptoms?

Pervasive Developmental Disorders is a group of disorders that are mainly characterized by delays in the normal development of skills like communication, social, language etc. […]

Retta�?s Syndrome And Genes Disorder

a�?a��It is all in the genesa�? my friend would always say it. This was the only excuse she would come up with every time I […]

Rett Disorder Symptoms And Its Stages

My daughter is the second baby girl after me, in my whole family. She is the apple of everyone’s eye and we are very obsessed […]

What Is Retts Disease? a�� Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

It is a neurological disorder of the brain and it affects the normal development of it. Girls are the most affected by it and the […]

Rett Disorder a�� Causes And Symptoms

It pained me endlessly to see my friend cry inconsolably when she found out that her only daughter is suffering from Rett Disorder and the […]

Retts Syndrome – What Are The Symptoms?

Pregnancy not only fills the parents and immediate family with hope and dreams but it also makes all the well wishers and friends happy too! […]

What Is Aspergers In Females? a�� Overview

My best friend Annie, was going through a very bad period in her life. She was suffering from severe depression following her divorce, loss of […]

Aspergers Syndrome In Women a�� What Are The Symptoms?

For many years the focus was more on boys regarding the developmental disorders and the common assumption was that girls hardly get affected by it. […]

Aspergers Support a�� Different Approaches

Many years ago when I was very depressed and almost at the verge of being suicidal my family and three of my friends stood like […]

Help For Aspergers Syndrome a�� Different Options

After many years I revisited my old neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised to see the people welcoming me with the same warmth. Steve, a shy, […]