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Phonological Impairment – Diagnosis and Treatment

Here is the diagnosis and treatment of phonological impairment. Read onto discover more about the treatment options. Diagnosis of Phonological Treatment The diagnosis of this […]

Phonological Impairment – Causes and Symptoms

Phonological impairment occurs in a child when he or she does not develop the ability to make specific or all sounds. These sounds are important […]

About Phonological Impairment

Phonological impairment occurs in a child when he or she fails to develop the ability to produce or make specific or all sound which are […]

Can Shouting Cause Vocal Cord Damage?

Many people wonder can shouting cause vocal cord damage. The answer is yes – shouting or any other activity which is referred to as misuse […]

Vocal Cord Dysfunction Overview

To know what exactly is vocal cord dysfunction (VCD), you must first know how the vocal cords actually function. This disorder is also known as […]

Diagnosing and Curing Hypernasality

Many speech disorders are either congenital or the resultant of a brain damage. But, speech disorders with respect to hypernasality are caused due to speech […]

What is phonology?

Each word has a specific sound associated to it, phonology can be defined as study of sounds associated with words. Sounds play an important role […]

What is morphology?

Morphology can be defined as the study of the way the words are structured on the basis of certain rules and formats. It basically deals […]

Treatment of Phonological Disorder

What is Phonological Disorder? When a child fails to develop some or all sounds that are necessary for him to talk at his age, he […]

Phonological Disorders

What is phonological disorder? This is a disorder thats occurs when the abilty to produce sounds required for speech at a proper age are not […]