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Pragmatic Disorders a�� What Is It?

Even today I remember this small rhyme my favorite teacher taught us in class 4. It went like this a�?slip of the tongue is the […]

What Is Semantic Problem In Children? a�� A Brief Understanding

One summer afternoon I and my friend were sitting and chatting at her place and enjoying catching up with each other. Another friend joined us, […]

What Is Semantic Disorder? – Overview

I was absolutely surprised to see my friend addressing a group of people on how to improve their communication skills. In childhood many people made […]

What Is Semantics And Pragmatics Disorder?

Every now an then we come across children who face problems understanding the meaning of words, phrases, and sentences and also find it hard to […]

What Is Semantic Pragmatic Disorder?

It is such a pleasant and heart warming experience to see toddlers trying to speak and babble, but, it would be worrisome when the same […]

What Is Pragmatic Disorder? a�� Symptoms And Help

It was absolutely embarrassing when a blue eyed cute boy walking by me on the road side pointed out to my nose and very loudly […]

Pragmatic Impairment a�� Symptoms And Help At Home

It is a disorder that affects and reduces the purpose and the function of language, and also interferes with the basic rules of social interaction […]

What Is Pragmatic Language Disorder? a�� Overview

My friends son is a cute little boy and we all adore him only except for situations when he suddenly blurts out something that could […]

Developmental Language Disorders a�� An Overview

Developmental language disorder is also known as language delay. In this condition, a child affected is unable to learn language as quickly as his or […]

Language Tips for People Who Suffer From Semantic Pragmatic Disorder

People who suffer from semantic pragmatic disorder do not know how to converse in a social setting. Though, they do not intend to hurt anyone, […]