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What Are The Different Speech And Language Impairments? a�� An Overview

Going back to school with all the friends after almost two decades was one experience that I can hardly put in words, but surprisingly the […]

What Is Specific Language Impairment In Children? a�� Overview

This cute, little, blue eyed boy living in our neighborhood is a darling to all of us. But, he has one problem; his communicational skills […]

What Is Receptive Language Delay? a�� Its Symptoms And Tips

a�?One to talk, two to walka�� my dad always reminded me right from the day he knew I was pregnant. My dad has seen many […]

Paralyzed Vocal Cords and Nodule Formation

Paralyzed vocal cords are the one which does not move at all which results in a gap between the vocal cords. When an affected person […]

Mixed Receptive-Expressive Disorder a�� Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

When a child has difficulty expressing himself or herself using spoken language, then he or she is diagnosed to have mixed receptive-expressive language disorder. Also, […]

Expressive Language Disorder a�� Diagnosis and Treatment

Expressive language disorder is usually considered to be a childhood condition. This language disorder is divided into two types: the acquired type and the developmental […]

Expressive Language Disorder a�� Causes and Symptoms

Expressive language disorder is a type of communication problem. This disorder is characterized by a limited grasp of grammar (most importantly with time words and […]

Receptive Language Disorder a�� Diagnosis and Treatment

Receptive language disorders are a form of language disorder in which the affected person has problem understanding spoken as well as written (in rare cases) […]

Receptive Language Disorder a�� An Overview

Receptive language disorder is also known as mixed receptive language disorder. It is a learning disability which can affect the expression or understanding of language. […]

What is Speech and Language Impairment?

Students who have a speech and language impairment are identified as those who need significant educational adjustments as they have a severe primary spoken communication […]

Common Speech Disorders in Children

A�A child suffering from a speech disorder actually faces difficulty in producing sounds. There are many types of speech disorders, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing […]

Specific Language Impairment

Though some children possess a normal non-verbal intelligence, their language skills may not be that great. Such children are usually diagnosed with specific language impairment […]

Language Development Milestones

Every child in this world attains his/her developmental milestones at a certain pace. Not necessarily all of them have to talk, crawl or walk at […]