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What is Speech Dis-fluency? What Is Speech Dis-fluency? – An Overview

It is a speech disorder and in regular life it is also called as stammering or stuttering. This disorder is characterized either by abrupt interruptions during the smooth flow of speech, unexpected pauses, prolonged or repetition of words. This condition is accompanied by other behavioral problems like continuous eyelids blinking, shivering lips, and over use of fillers in sentences like a�?umma��a�� a�?ahha��a�� etc.

Pronounce assertively What Is The Cause Of Stuttering And Its Symptoms? a�� Summary

It can be really embarrassing if someonea��s speech is not fluent and is full of pauses. To top that if that person stammers, it could […]

Different Speech Language Impairments In Adults

Toddlers and young school going children generally make mistakes while speaking because they are in the learning phase, but when the same mistakes are made […]

Stammering Treatment a�� What Are The Therapies Available?

Stuttering is a speech disorder which is diagnosed when a person prolongs a word, syllable, or sound, repeats a word, or experiences a pause breaking […]

What Is Stuttering? – Causes And Symptoms

My friend insisted I meet her friend who she thought was a good match for me. I was excited to meet this guy and was […]

Stuttering Treatments and Techniques

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Stuttering Treatments and Drugs

One should know that there is no specific stuttering treatments and drugs. The truth is there is no real cure for stammering. But, a few […]

How to Treat Stuttering Problems in Toddlers

Toddlers are pretty amazing as they learn various skill sets in a short span of time, in leaps and bounds. But, one of the most […]

Stuttering Problems in Adults

Speech problems like stuttering problems in adults are most common cases faced by speech-language therapists. Adults face several types of speech problems like stuttering, dysarthria, […]

Stuttering Problems in Toddlers

Stuttering or stammering is a type of speech disorder which is characterized by an involuntary blockage, prolongation or repetition of a syllable or word that […]

Stuttering Problems in Children

Stammering or stuttering problems in children are a common occurrence. This condition occurs when a childa��s speech timing is not yet developed and matured, and […]

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Stop Stammering in Children

Learning to speak, similar to learning to walk, does not happen at a one go and is not a smooth process. A few kids can […]

Stuttering Treatments for Children

For several years, it has been a norm amongst parents to use the a�?wait and seea�? approach when it comes to consider about stuttering treatments […]

Stuttering Child Treatment

Even though there is no definite cure for stammering or stuttering, there are numerous treatment available today. Stuttering child treatment differs from one child to […]